The LiveRoof® module is warranted against material defects and photodegredation for 50 years from the date of installation, provided the system is surrounded by edging, RoofStone pavers or parapet.  See details.

Plant Warranty
Given that plants are living, breathing organisms, plant warranties are typically offered by the maintenance provider not the LiveRoof grower or LiveRoof, LLC. By providing consistent high quality care; keeping drains clean,  preventing weed infiltration, watering during extended drought and monitoring soil fertility, the maintenance provider can reduce the chance of a warranty claim. He has a vested interest in the ongoing healthy condition of the plant material. LiveRoof, LLC provides the specification for care of the LiveRoof system, and LiveRoof growers are available as an ongoing resource. But the maintenance contractor is in the best position to warrant the plants.

Any plant warranty will vary by each licensed LiveRoof® grower (independent of LiveRoof, LLC). Typically plant warranties from growers are associated with additional charges and the adherence to and documentation of specific maintenance practices.  Contact your local licensed grower for details.

Overburden Removal Warranty
Overburden removal warranties cover the costs of removing and replacing the green roof system in the event of a roof leak.  LiveRoof, LLC has relationships with the following manufacturers which offer single source overburden removal and leak repair warranties:

Other membrane manufacturers may consider adding overburden removal coverage on a case by case basis.  When overburden removal coverage is not available from the membrane manufacturer, LiveRoof Overburden Removal Warranties may be purchased for terms of 10, 15 or 20 years.  This warranty provides coverage for the costs to remove the green roof and to replace it after the leak has been serviced.  Only Diamond Level LiveRoof Certified Installers are authorized to provide LiveRoof overburden removal coverage.  Contact your local LiveRoof representative for referral to qualified contractors in your region.

* LiveRoof systems needing a Sika Sarnafil single source system warranty may only be installed by Elite LiveRoof Installers and maintained by Elite LiveRoof Maintenance Contractors.  Confirm requirements and fees with your  local LiveRoof representative  and with your Sika Sarnafil representative.