Thank you for your interest in employment with Hortech, LiveRoof, and LiveWall.  Hortech is a wholesale production/propagation nursery started in 1983.  We grow a broad and interesting line of ground covers, ornamental grasses, climbing vines, and ferns.  LiveRoof specializes in a pre-vegetated modular green roof system.  LiveWall specializes in a proven vertical green wall system that works very well.  We pride ourselves on providing clients with premium, earth-friendly, quality products with steadfast service with emphasis on superior customer service.  We offer both seasonal and non-seasonal positions of varying responsibilities and strive to hire diligent, highly motivated individuals.

We’re located 30 minutes West of Grand Rapids and 15 minutes South of Muskegon.

Here are some reasons why you might want to work here:

Continual Growth

• Detailed training programs.
• Effective management/system of continual improvement.
• Interesting work/lots of variety
• Job matching (we do our best to pair you with the appropriate position).
• Market Leader: We’re usefully innovative to the industries we serve.
• Regular performance reviews.


• Environmental focus.
• Friendly staff.
• Pride – We have a good product (plants) that enhances the environment and lifestyle for people.
• Casual dress.
• Professionalism – expected in all positions.
• Team atmosphere & group participation.
• We innovate rapidly.

Competitive Compensation

• Performance based pay.
• Benefits may include.
• 401(k) w/ Match.
• Paid Time Off.
• Priority Health Medical Insurance with HSA.
• Delta Dental Insurance.
• Short-term and long-term DI.
• Employee Assistance Center.
• Referral bonus for finding great new employees (not for management staff).
• Thorough job description (for all positions), no surprises!
Benefits depend on position and employment status.

Available positions are listed below and show as a link to learn more, but we also have other career opportunities that you might be interested in now or in the future. Career opportunities exist in the following areas:


Growers (Horticulture)


Administrative Office

Human Resources




Shipping & Logistics

Information Technology (IT)


Nurserymen & Nurserywomen

Please note: Our application process began when you expressed your interest in receiving an application.  Now, should you still have an interest in becoming a member of our staff, please scroll down and fill out the application below and read carefully before submitting.  Or dial (800) 875-1392 for other options.

We are an equal opportunity employer.


Current Open Positions


Cultural Teammate

Production Teammate

Shipping Teammate

Flat Filling Teammate

Production Team Leader

Compañero de Cultural

Compañero de Producción

Compañero de Embarque

Compañero de Flat Filling

Mayordomo de Producción


We are always looking for motivated people to come grow with us. If you are highly interested in joining our team and making a positive impact in our world please completely fill out the below application and our human resources department will contact you soon. Or you can download an editable PDF version of our application.

We give preference to fully completed applications. This means complete all applicable fields on the application. Your personalized resume complements our application, but we still ask that you fill out the application in its entirety. Our application asks for information that traditional resumes often omit. If not applicable we prefer “N/A” versus leaving a blank space.  For example, if you do not have a telephone number, please enter N/A and provide a way for us to contact you in the notes section at the bottom of the application.

Once you submit your application three steps will take place: 1. You should receive an email that confirms receipt of your application, 2. A real person reviews your application (we don’t use robots), 3. Depending on your qualifications we decide what career path might fit you the best.

We may not always have an available position you’re seeking at the time you apply, but we file your application under positions that seem like a good match or that are listed on your resume/application.  This way when a position does come available we search our database for people that match our search. However, we don’t use search engines or optimized key word search software.  We believe that it’s best to review each candidate’s qualifications by reading your application/resume.  The people that tend to get interviews are the ones that follow up.  The people we want as part of our team are serious about our mission and focus: We aspire to be usefully innovative leaders in the industries that we serve. We love plants, enjoy the outdoors, maintain positivity, and give an honest day’s work.