October 5, 2013
  • Soil:
    Appx. 8" deep
  • Module Size:
    1' x 1' x 3-1/4" integrates with LiveRoof Standard and Deep
  • Saturated Weight:
    Appx. 60-65 lbs/sf saturated and vegetated, when filled with LiveRoof Engineered Soil
  • Dry Weight:
    Appx. 40 lbs/sf (confirm with your local licensed grower)
  • Merits:
    Meets municipal codes in locales with 8 inch soil depth requirement. Perimeter ballast supports drought resistant perennials, grasses, and vegetables, and can be used to optimize biodiversity
  • Plants:
    Succulent ground covers, drought tolerant native and adapted non-native perennials, grasses, and vegetables