LiveRoof, LLC offers four advanced and proven living roof systems to meet your green roofing needs. Our LiveRoof Standard System at 4 ¼” depth is ideal for most applications and offers an optimal blend of aesthetics, storm water management, and cost.

The LiveRoof Lite System with 2 ½” soil depth and is designed for roofs that can support only 15 to 17 pounds per square foot. Under special circumstances we can lighten this further and have been very successful with an X-Lite version that weighs only 10 lbs. per sf when wet.

The LiveRoof Deep System has a soil depth of 6” and can accommodate a broad variety of traditional perennials including many native species (with irrigation). It is also ideal for the rooftop growing of vegetables.

Our LiveRoof Maxx 8” System is ideal for vegetable and perennial gardens on rooftops where access is limited and product must be carried to the site. It can also be used to meet special municipal codes.