In response to designer demand for an artisan quality green roof paver which integrates with LiveRoof®, and contractor necessity for labor-saving solutions, LiveRoof developed the RoofStone® paver system.  RoofStone pavers are designed to integrate seamless with the LiveRoof Standard and Deep system options.

 Size: 1′ wide x 2′ long x 4″ tall (Standard) or 6″ tall (Deep)
 Weight:  50 lbs (Standard) or 54 lbs (Deep)
 Finish:  Beautiful artisan surface, top edge chamfered, sides with chip preventing water-conducting standoffs.
 Edging:  Only required if paver abuts open space.
 LEED Interface:  Base of 100% post-industrial polypropylene.  Concrete recycled content varies with color of paver.

Available in 5 Attractive Colors:

 Integrates with weight, height and dimensions of LiveRoof® Standard & Deep modules.
 Built-in handgrips and pedestals for fast, efficient installation.
 No edging needed between RoofStone® paver and LiveRoof®.
 Follows roof contour.
 Perfect for pathways / landings and patios.
 Recycled plastic base.
 Strong & effective, resists impact and cracking with NanoTech MicroBubble™ technology.
 Ample water channels

RoofStone follows the roof contour and can be used to create walkways, patios, and landing areas on most non-ADA compliant roofs. RoofStone can also be used on roofs that must be ADA-compliant with slope up to 1:48, which equals 2.08% or 1.19 degrees. This is ¼ inch per 1 foot, which is the norm (minimum) roof slope for drainage

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