Green roof plants are not one-size-fits-all.
The individual requirements of each green roof design must be taken into consideration. Your LiveRoof® Licensed Grower is an experienced horticultural professional who will examine the particular needs of  project and assist in selection of the best plants to bring your design to life.

Anyone who travels to different climate zones observes that typical landscape plants vary based on what is well-suited to the unique challenges of that environment.  On the roof, attention to local conditions is even more critical.  For example, in Toronto, plants that can handle the rapid changes in temperature and long winters are a necessity.  In much of Texas, a plant palette that can handle summer’s prolonged heat, high nighttime temperatures, low precipitation rates and heavy humidity must be developed.  Some green roof companies also tout having a horticulturist on staff, but we have dozens, in different climates, most with decades experience growing plants for and in that local environment.

While some plant species produce relatively stable seed and resultant offspring, many  green roof plants prevalently used today produce offspring that is variable in appearance, vigor, hardiness, and overall performance.  Some seedlings may be genetically lucky, with excellent color and growth, and others may be genetically weak and fail to hold up in challenging rooftop conditions.

LiveRoof, LLC is an industry leader in developing—through breeding, careful selection and extensive testing—plants specifically suited to harsh green roof conditions.  With dozens of introductions in the past five years, LiveRoof has developed a unique palette of exclusive plants which are vigorous, hardy, and consistent in color, texture and performance.  When you design with our RoofTop Proven™ plants, you can more precisely control the appearance and performance of your green roof plants.

Additionally, the facilities of LiveRoof, LLC in Spring Lake, Michigan are environmentally verified (Michigan Agriculture Environmental Assurance Program “MAEAP”) due to our careful growing practices and commitment to reducing our impact on our environment.  Our cultural team uses integrated pest management, incorporates organic growing methods, grows beneficial banker plants and practices lean methods of weed control which eliminate the need for and use of pre-emergent herbicides.  Browse Plant Selections for the Midwest using our online search tool.

Using lean, preventative maintenance practices as prescribed in the LiveRoof Maintenance protocol, owners can expect to have beautiful, healthy green roof systems that stand the test of time.

NOTE:  Regardless of the meticulous attention to plant selection paid by LiveRoof Licensed Growers, there is no such thing as a maintenance-free green roof.  Plants are living things and have basic requirements for survival.  Owners who follow the LiveRoof Maintenance Protocol which is rooted in lean principles that focus on prevention of issues through frequent activities of short duration.

Neglected green roofs, regardless of plant selection, location and design, are much more susceptible to stress from outside threats such as drought, weed encroachment, wind scour, pests and disease.