Specialized Delivery Trucks
Some LiveRoof® Licensed Growers utilize state of the art retractable top trailers for fast and convenient installation. Commitment to effective material handling makes for simple efficient unloading and conveyance to the rooftop. This minimizes installation time and reduces the cost of installation.

LiveRoof Hoppit® – Safe, Efficient, Truck-to-Roof Conveyance
LiveRoof® even facilitates installation, and with co-engineered Hoppit truck-to-roof conveyance racks, your installation time is greatly reduced.  Depending on road load restrictions, a semi trailer will fit up to 24 Hoppits, 36 modules each, which equates to 864 modules or 1728 square feet of coverage per load. Modules are quickly picked up with a telescoping forklift or crane (via stringer) and either held at the edge of the roof or directly over the roof surface in the area of module placement.

Note: A loaded Hoppit can weigh as much as 2200 pounds. Size your lifting equipment accordingly, and remember that lifting capacity and stability decrease with arm swing/extension and boom height.

LiveRoof Certified Installers 
LiveRoof installations are conducted by trained independent landscape and roofing contractors who are committed to safe and proper installation practices. Independent LiveRoof Certified Installers are supported with written and video guides for green roof installation and maintenance, with retraining as needed.  To become a LiveRoof Certified Installer, call your local LiveRoof representative.

Roll-a-Roof Rooftop Conveyors
Some LiveRoof Licensed Growers may have specialized Roll-a-Roof mobile conveyor systems available for job site rental. Such conveyors may be powered, are set on wheels, and can pay great dividends in labor savings.

LiveRoof Installation Guide
The LiveRoof Installation Guide and Video are provided to all LiveRoof trained installers, and detail in written, verbal and graphic form the most efficient standardized “lean” manner of efficiently handling and installing the LiveRoof system. There is no need to reinvent the wheel.  The LiveRoof Installation Guide is also available in Spanish.

LiveRoof Installation at Niles West High School, video courtesy of Mike Hoffman.